Under Hole Nut

This is THE perfect NUT!!

Screw ditch is all flat at the first time of use.

This is because an imprint of screwdriver shall be made by the first time of fitting in.

So that, it is possible to be tighter than other product!!


  1. No release of the nuts as tightly fixed by elastic deformation.
  2. No corrosion, No conductivity. No magnetization.
  3. Able to be fixed by pressing method.
  4. High sealing effect for air, liquid, and dust
  5. Good under IP67 regulation.
  6. No damages / scratches to opponent surfaces.
  7. Able to be fixed in the middle of bolts.


  1. Air cleaners, Air conditioners
  2. Automobiles
  3. Appliances
  4. Medical instrument
  5. Furniture
  6. Ships / Vessels
  7. Rockets

Fastening the washstands in the lavatories

Fixing the air filter covers on automobiles

Classified by use

  • Grating for Floor in Factory
  • Countermeasure product for torrential rain
  • Various anti-theft devices for galvanized grating
  • Gratings for places of sightseeing and commercial area
  • Best fit grating for architecture
  • Grating for outdoor facilities
  • Gratings for regions with heavy snowfall
  • Safe and simple Manhole steps

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  • Under Hole Nut
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