Pressure Welded Grating

Pressure bonding stainless grating

We succeeded in producing pressure bonding stainless steel grating by our original method which was established independent strength of main bar in the structure of crossing part of main and twist bar, and enabled withstand load of T-25.

This product is suitable for the areas of heavy traffic, parking entrance, forklift operating areas like inside factory or market places.

Pressure bonding stainless grating

Above photo shows one of the examples of how grating material was destroyed due to the lack of withstanding load. Initial design to strengthen joint part is very important.

Pressure bonding stainless grating

Our electropolished stainless steel products are perfectly finished without burn but also forming a smooth and mirror finished.

Gloss measurement

2B (Popular material) Level 97

Level 97

HL (Hair like polishing mark) Level 91

Level 91

Sufficient gloss, with minor visibility of photo.

(Create high gloss surface by electrolyte solution)

Level 580

Mirror surface like glass with clear photo image, but with a little vague.

#400 buffing Level 624
(buffed by #400 and finished with ultimate gloss)

Level 624

Better gloss level more than electropolishing, and clearer photo image.

Classified by use

  • Grating for Floor in Factory
  • Countermeasure product for torrential rain
  • Various anti-theft devices for galvanized grating
  • Gratings for places of sightseeing and commercial area
  • Best fit grating for architecture
  • Grating for outdoor facilities
  • Gratings for regions with heavy snowfall
  • Safe and simple Manhole steps

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