Ecological Wood

2002 Good Design Award Ecological Identified

Environmentally friendly, the grating on top is made by recycled wood from everywhere in Japan to protect nature.

Naturally adjust to scenery that makes not only your environment comfortable but also to help out economy for rural prefectures.

  • Arsenic and chromium are not included in the preservative due to environmentally friendly policy moreover, the product is long last and piece by piece replaceable.
  • Nonslip process and logotype are optional.
  • SG plating or color painting is also optional for grating part.

Ecological wood is magnificent to deal with any places and any environment as pictures below.


Classified by use

  • Grating for Floor in Factory
  • Countermeasure product for torrential rain
  • Various anti-theft devices for galvanized grating
  • Gratings for places of sightseeing and commercial area
  • Best fit grating for architecture
  • Grating for outdoor facilities
  • Gratings for regions with heavy snowfall
  • Safe and simple Manhole steps

Product Showcase

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  • Ecological Wood
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  • Okagrate Hand rail Bracket
  • Under Hole Nut
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