Earthquake-resistant metal fittings


BOSHIN is a house equipment for earthquake, made by magnificent technologies that are included not only resisting and absorbing the shock but also recovering to protect your house frame from earthquakes.

There are already so many house equipments for earthquake due to geographical circumstance in Japan. However,BOSHIN has achieved an ability of recovering the house-frame that is first implementation in the market.


  • Made by powerful stainless steel
  • Unbreakable (Unnecessary to maintain the product)
  • Three-way arch springs in one ( 5mm x 3 )
  • Spring-support in each different directions
  • To make use of repulsion of three-way springs
  • No need to worry either the house is new or second hand
  • To set the product on the corners of the room where you wish to protect
  • The product is softly able to absorb the shock of earthquakes by three-way spring which is like a car suspension of (patent right No. 4195462)
  • It is possible to make a shelter room in your house
  • At least 16 of BOSHIN are required to protect a house for 99.17 square meters length
  • This product works for wooden,iron and steel frameworks.

Classified by use

  • Grating for Floor in Factory
  • Countermeasure product for torrential rain
  • Various anti-theft devices for galvanized grating
  • Gratings for places of sightseeing and commercial area
  • Best fit grating for architecture
  • Grating for outdoor facilities
  • Gratings for regions with heavy snowfall
  • Safe and simple Manhole steps

Product Showcase

  • 2013 Stainless products features
  • Design Pit
  • High Grip Grating
  • Pressure Welded Grating
  • Jointer Pit
  • Rare metal surface
  • Super Galva Plated Gratings
  • Expanded Metal Grating
  • Water inlet frame box
  • Ecological Wood
  • Ecological plastic recycling products
  • FRP Grating
  • Jet Top Step
  • Okagrate Hand rail Bracket
  • Under Hole Nut
  • Boshin