About Us

Mar. 2013

Dear Customers,

We wish your company every success.
At this time we are wishing to have a business relationship with you, since your company has an excellent reputation for continuous development.

We are Okajima Group handling grating products based in Japan, supporting various plant projects domestically as well as expanding our three plants in China.
Two plants are ISO certified and one plant is JIS certified metal planting plant.
As International sales company, representing these 3 plants, we are hoping to expand our business deal together with you in order to contribute your plant projects, since we have currently established our liaison office in Singapore as Okagrate International Pte. Ltd.

We are uploading our product leaflet for your reference.
We thank you in advance for your consideration on this proposal.


Okagrate International Pte. Ltd.
Nobuaki Okajima


Company Profile

Registration Number: 201119136K
Date of the establishment: 11 Aug. 2011
Representative: Managing Director Nobuaki OKAJIMA
Capital: SGD100, 000
Line of business: General wholesale business (Including export and Import)
Address: 105 Cecil Street #06-01
The Octagon Singapore 069534
Tel: (65) 6827-9092
Fax: (65) 6827-9601

Classified by use

  • Grating for Floor in Factory
  • Countermeasure product for torrential rain
  • Various anti-theft devices for galvanized grating
  • Gratings for places of sightseeing and commercial area
  • Best fit grating for architecture
  • Grating for outdoor facilities
  • Gratings for regions with heavy snowfall
  • Safe and simple Manhole steps

Product Showcase

  • 2013 Stainless products features
  • Design Pit
  • High Grip Grating
  • Pressure Welded Grating
  • Jointer Pit
  • Rare metal surface
  • Super Galva Plated Gratings
  • Expanded Metal Grating
  • Water inlet frame box
  • Ecological Wood
  • Ecological plastic recycling products
  • FRP Grating
  • Jet Top Step
  • Okagrate Hand rail Bracket
  • Under Hole Nut
  • Boshin